Once upon a time an old wedding dress found its way into my hands. I cut it up, reshaped it, sewed it back together, dyed it and completely redesigned it to fit the image of Luna Freya as queen!

Even though I have to say that technically this dress gave me a lot of trouble, and even technically it is not perfect, I am still very happy with its visual appearance.

The lace skirt was detached, cut up and re-dyed to be reattached in the back from the skirt. The appliqués in the chest area were also dyed and sewn on. The biggest challenge was to sew over the top without detaching the corsage from the skirt. Looking back, I would do some things differently!

The trident was my biggest crafting challenge so far and took me hours of modelling. But nevertheless, it was also the work that I have enjoyed the most so far!