For my most elaborate costume until now, I was inspired by the costume designer „Kara Saun“, whose work has influenced the “Descendants” films.

The main character Mel is a villain with a good heart and wears the colors purple and green, the choice of her accessories refers to the colour gold.

I immediately had an image in mind! I wanted to create something that perfectly sums up the character and is inspired by the costumes in the films. It wanted it to look like a costume that would appear in the film.

I used a secondhand dress as a base and put a new skirt on it. I let the already existing tulle shine out underneath to do justice to my design idea. 

For the upper part I wanted to find something that described Mel the most, so I chose the symbol on the back of her jacket from the first film. My newfound interest in bead embroidery saw this as an opportunity to try out this skill. So, I immediately added my first bead embroidery to the costume.

Of course, the rivets, the choice of colours and the embroidered symbol were not enough ‚mel‘ and so I had to add a dragon wing cape to give the whole design the final touch and it was done!